"Education is an act of freedom and liberation."

– Frank Laubach

Social Responsability

Companies and related organizations

We alphabetize employees, with qualified instructors and an effective teaching methodology, within the company itself or in a nearby place

Associations, cooperatives, churches, prisons, community groups and other

We promote human development and schooling in special contexts, boosting literacy and/or citizenship, financial education and microcredit programs

Civil, public or private initiatives

We enable spaces or invest to stimulate and support entrepreneurs in contexts of low income or community social business, individual or collective, urban or rural

Universities, foundations, NGOs and other

Supportive literacy or development of citizenship and microcredit programs, for staff and classrooms integration, combining the experience of IBRAEMA, the know-how of the institution and the established local networks

"We get happy, right? Before, we knew nothing; now, we learn to read."
Ms. Maria
"Today, my dream is to help those who need it. Because of IBRAEMA's training, pedagogy has become a passion."
Caroline Correia

Reading helps to think.

So, think about the thousands of illiterate youngs and adults while reading this text.

Be a volunteer. You too can make a difference.


Literacy, citizenship, financial education, microcredit. We empower volunteers to support and boost the most disadvantaged people of our society.

Instituto Brasileiro de Educação e Meio-Ambiente
(Brazilian Institute of Education and Environment )
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Recife – PE, Brazil
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