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Be part of a network of social entrepreneurs

The social entrepreneur aims to maximize the existing social capital (i.e., the relationships of trust and respect) to carry out more initiatives, programs and actions that allow a community, city or region to develop in a sustainable way.

Okay, but... How could I help?

1. Volunteer! Add citizenship to your portfolio

Today, the search for qualified professionals denotes that experience and technical knowledge are not enough. Add skills that bring a differential to your curriculum/portfolio through voluntary work.
Make sure you’re at Brazilian territory, and click here to register for our Volunteer Database!

2. Help with donations! Sponsor a student's literacy

Why should I donate?
Because that’s one way to get involved with the Institute. Your donation helps to literate a student, helps to print books and courseware. You can securely contribute to IBRAEMA through PayPal. Click the button below!

3. Connect! Follow our social networks

Follow IBRAEMA! Stay up-to-date on the latest news of Instituto IBRAEMA’s work scenarios and engage in disseminating our work to your relationship network. Your sharing is more than welcome!


Literacy, citizenship, financial education, microcredit. We empower volunteers to support and boost the most disadvantaged people of our society.

Instituto Brasileiro de Educação e Meio-Ambiente
(Brazilian Institute of Education and Environment )
Diniz Barreto st., 88, Prado,
Recife – PE, Brazil
Post-code: 50720-220
Phone: +55 (81) 3342-2077