New Partnerships

Materialize your sustainable development plan

If you are interested in chatting with us without compromise on any of these opportunities, we will come to you! Simply contact us at: or by clicking on Contact us on the site menu.

Who do we partner with?

  • NGOs
  • Universities
  • Technical Schools
  • Companies
  • Foundations
  • Associations
  • Cooperatives
  • Government
  • Public Agencies
  • Churches
  • Education Councils
  • Service Clubs
  • Local Communities

and others!

The idea is that these institutions have a discerning look to identify opportunities for prospecting and integrating the Youth and Adult Literacy, Financial Education, Microcredit or Citizenship Promotion programs, and then IBRAEMA makes it possible both to position the right volunteer for the right scenario and to ensure the resources and infrastructure is suitable for developing each program.

The common interests underlying cooperation agreements between different entities and Instituto IBRAEMA comprise the following points:

Development of quality of life and schooling of collaborators:
Companies and related organizations, willing to transform workspaces into classrooms, investing in the literacy of employees who need skilled instructors and an effective teaching methodology.

Human development and schooling promotion in special contexts of social interest:
Prisons, associations, cooperatives, churches, community groups and related organizations, interested in enabling spaces to promote youth and adult literacy, citizenship promotion or microcredit program.

Development of micro-entrepreneurs:
Civil, public or private initiatives aimed at professionalization, investment or feasibility of spaces, interested in fostering and supporting entrepreneurship in low-income contexts and community social businesses, individual or collective, in urban or rural areas.

Development of youth and adult literacy programs or microcredit:
Universities, foundations, NGOs and related institutions, for the sake of supportive literacy or development of citizenship and/or microcredit programs, with available manpower, searching for scenarios to integrate staff and classrooms. Here, Instituto IBRAEMA’s teaching methodology and database, as well as the know-how in structuring opportunities through an already established local network, facilitates the use of time, resources, energy and potential around these objectives.


Literacy, citizenship, financial education, microcredit. We empower volunteers to support and boost the most disadvantaged people of our society.

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