Terms of Agreement

Anyone using this SITE (the “VISITOR “) is bound by the TERMS OF USE of Instituto IBRAEMA. Additionally, the VISITOR who obtains a registered MEMBER account with this SITE (the “MEMBER “) agrees to link to the terms and conditions described in this TERM OF AGREEMENT, which complements the TERMS OF USE.

Username and password

  • Upon registration, the MEMBER will receive a username and password to access the SITE, which should not be disclosed to third parties;
  • It is the responsibility of the MEMBER to maintain the confidentiality of the password;
  • The MEMBER is completely responsible for any content or actions on the SITE originated from your username and must immediately notify the Instituto IBRAEMA of: (a) suspected unauthorized or inappropriate use of the MEMBER’s username, or (b) a confidentiality breach of the MEMBER’s password.

Property rights

  • Instituto IBRAEMA reserves here exclusive proprietary rights over all content on the SITE that has or has not been originally created by MEMBERS. This includes logos, interface elements and all created text, graphs, photographs and other works that shows on the SITE;
  • The Instituto IBRAEMA also reserves the property rights on the SITE template, including its layout, structure and source code, as well as all rights not expressly granted.


  • The MEMBER agrees to license all blog entries, messages, comments, photos, media files and other content posted by the MEMBER to the SITE (“collective works created by MEMBER “);
  • Under this license, the MEMBER permits the Instituto IBRAEMA and SITE visitors to use their works created and posted, in whole or in part, in their original or modified form, which includes, but is not limited to, educational efforts, disclosure, capture of internal resources and uses;
  • Instituto IBRAEMA reserves the rights to rectificate, modify and exclude all works created by the MEMBER displayed on the SITE at its sole discretion.

MEMBER Conduct

  • User names and passwords obtained after registration of a MEMBER giving access to the SITE are personal, confidential and intended to be used only by one individual, the MEMBER;
  • Documents contained in the restricted access sections of the SITE, in accordance with the Instituto IBRAEMA’s PRIVACY POLICY, shall not be distributed, shared, passed on, sold or rented to third parties;
  • The MEMBER agrees not to use the SITE to distribute any defamatory material, vulgar, obscene, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate or objectable material of any kind;
  • The MEMBER also agrees not to use the WEBSITE to disclose commercial advertisements, or “spam “;
  • The MEMBER agrees not to use the SITE to make accusations of corruption, mismanagement, bad faith or any other activity that falls within the scope of the supervision of Instituto IBRAEMA. Fraud or abuse of reports may be reported directly to the Executive Office. This clause specifically, but not exclusively, protects the employees of the Instituto IBRAEMA, main recipients, sub recipients, national coordination mechanisms members and other ones affiliated with the organization, from allegations of bad professional conduct. The Instituto IBRAEMA reserves the right to delete or edit the works created by the MEMBER that violate this clause in its sole discretion.

Personal information

  • Instituto IBRAEMA reserves the right to use the personal information sent from the MEMBER in order to tailor the SITE to its specific needs, to provide information that may be of interest to you, for analysis and other institutional purposes;
  • The MEMBER maintains a right of rectification with respect to personal information and may modify or exclude them, in whole or in part, at any time;
  • Instituto IBRAEMA reserves the right to use the works created by the MEMBER for institutional and file purposes after the MEMBER has deleted all personal information. In this case, a attribution of authorship should be made;
  • The exclusion of personal information does not authorise the MEMBER to be removed from any other database or list that the Instituto IBRAEMA maintains for institutional purposes, except upon request;
  • Instituto IBRAEMA also reserves the right to make personally identifiable information such as name, occupation, education and contact information sent by a MEMBER made available on the SITE;
  • For more information about privacy, please refer to the Instituto IBRAEMA’s PRIVACY POLICY.


  • The MEMBER agrees to make accurate and honest representations when posting content to the SITE;
  • The MEMBER agrees not to make false statements about his/her identity, occupation, education, level of experience, gender, race, age or nationality, or to publish or present any other misleading or incorrect information on the SITE, implied or explicitly;
  • The MEMBER acknowledges that the breach of this provision of this TERM OF AGREEMENT will result in the immediate termination of the MEMBER’s account, the removal of the posting (s) and the possibility of other legal measures.


  • The MEMBER acknowledges that the IBRAEMA Institute may terminate its account and access to the SITE, in its sole discretion, without prior notice;
  • Instituto IBRAEMA may also exclude any and all information about the MEMBER’s account and may prevent access to such information.


  • The MEMBER agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Instituto IBRAEMA, the members of its board, employees, agents, affiliates and partners against any and all losses, damages, liabilities and other costs related to any claims, damages and losses that may arise in connection with the breach of the MEMBER of this term of accession, in particular in relation to the works created by the MEMBER for the SITE.


  • The legally enforceable language of this document must be Portuguese;
  • Any question of interpretation will be resolved on the basis of the Portuguese version of this TERM OF AGREEMENT.

Disclosure of information

  • Instituto IBRAEMA reserves the right to disclose any information, including personally identifiable information, when required by law or when necessary to investigate possible illegal activities such as fraud, violations of the TERMS OF USE, or otherwise related, where necessary to protect the property, rights and security of Instituto IBRAEMA, visitors to the SITE or third parties.

Dispute settlement

  • Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this term of accession, breach, termination, invalidity, use of the SITE by the MEMBER, content available in the same or the applicable licenses, shall be resolved by means of mediation.

Privileges and immunities

  • Nothing that is or relates to this TERM OF AGREEMENT may be construed as a waiver, express or implied, of the privileges and immunities granted to Instituto IBRAEMA in: (a) international law, including international law conventions, treaties or agreements, or (b) all national laws.


  • It is elected the forum of the District of Recife, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, as competent to resolve any disputes arising from this TERM OF AGREEMENT, irrespective of any other, however privileged it is or will be.


  • The Instituto IBRAEMA may amend this TERM OF ACCESSION at any time and such changes shall enter into force immediately after the notification to be provided to the MEMBER;
  • The notice can be provided on the SITE itself. After posting the notice, the continued use of the SITE MEMBER will be deemed to be acceptance of the modified TERM OF AGREEMENT. So, please check this page regularly.