Who we are

What we are

Expanding citizenship boundaries

The Brazilian Institute of Education and Environment (Instituto Brasileiro de Educação e Meio Ambiente – IBRAEMA) – is a non-profitable civil society organization founded in 2009. Our misson is to leverage instruments to suppoer sustainable development, aiming to empower the most disadvantaged people of our society and to promote the principles of the Universal Magna Carta.

What we do

Structuring opportunities

Focused on acting as an opportunity designer, IBRAEMA has its activities and programs aimed at target students, the beneficiaries. This work becomes possible through strategic partnerships with public and private organizations and with the mobilization of qualified personnel, enabling the scope of scenarios, mainly in the northeast region of Brazil.

How we work

Integrating multidisciplinary teams

The work teams in each scenario are a combination of professionals from IBRAEMA and volunteers from different areas and organizational profiles, integrated in the performance of the following roles: Supervisors, Developers and Facilitators.

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Working Groups

With more than 30 years of experience pioneering, supporting or directing new projects and places of operation between organizations of the 3rd sector, both in Brazil and internationally, Gerson is the founder of Instituto IBRAEMA, where he plays the role of Executive Director.

Gerson Ribeiro | Executive Director

Graduated in Law and post-graduated in Political Science, both by UNICAP-BR, Dr. André is a Tax and Municipal Directives specialist, with extensive experience in consulting projects of initiative, wether governmental, private or 3rd. Sector. In IBRAEMA, he is responsible for all legal guidance implied in the strategic plan and for achievement of corporate objectives.

André Luiz Batista Monteiro | Legal


Graduated in Accounting from UFPE, Luciana is responsible for the administrative and financial area, aiming to develop competencies and to ensure a clear and transparent resource management, necessary to the multiplication of new initiatives in new scenarios.

Luciana Figueirêdo Pimentel | Administrative and Financial


History Teacher with experience from working with schools in Recife, Agreste and southeastern Brazil, Yan has also been active in socio-educational and community development projects in partnership with agencies in and outside Brazil for more than seven years. In IBRAEMA, he is responsible for supervising the projects of education and citizenship, from contact with potential partners to the ministration of training to facilitators.

Yan Costa | Supervisor


Executive Secretary, Alexandra is responsible for managing all the data of the IBRAEMA programs. Registrations, updates, information related to the progress of the programs, classes, partners, for example, compose a portion of their activities, as well as the presentation of reports to our sponsors.

Alexandra Motta | Secretary

Code of Conduct

Our core values (poverty reduction, equal rights and sustainable development) are based on the ethical principles carried by Christian tradition. For us, this means that all human beings are unique and of equal value, regardless of faith, gender, ethnicity or other factors that could be used to divide or discriminate.

Our values have also inspired our Code of Conduct, which clarifies how we want our partners to act in relation to people participating in our programs, and also toward authorities and toward us.

Our values do not exclude, they make it clear that we want to be a voice for the weakest and most vulnerable. Our relationships with partners in Brazil and other countries are, therefore, characterized by openness, cordiality and understanding.


Literacy, citizenship, financial education, microcredit. We empower volunteers to support and boost the most disadvantaged people of our society.

Instituto Brasileiro de Educação e Meio-Ambiente
(Brazilian Institute of Education and Environment )
Diniz Barreto st., 88, Prado,
Recife – PE, Brazil
Post-code: 50720-220
Phone: +55 (81) 3342-2077